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Our Process

Our world class services help the products from their raw material stages to the packing, turning them into products that have unbeatable quality and flavor.


We source quality raw materials directly from growing region in the country to produce the high quality final product.


The raw material is fed to size reduction equipments (mills) for pulverizing. This pulverized product is shifted in size separation equipments (sifters) to get uniform finished product of required particle size. Combination of mills like Hammer, Universal, Pin mills, etc. are used to get uniform finished product of required particle size. Integrated cool pulverizing technique is used to retain characteristics and aroma in spices.


Ethylene oxide gas (ETO treatment plant) is used to sterilize our spices during the process. This helps us to reduce microbial contamination to desired level and up to Global Food Safety Standards. Sterilizing helps ensure that the products reach the consumer safe, hygienic and fresh.

Customized Packing

The final product that will be shipped is packed in the most modern automatic machines in a customized form as per the Global Food Safety Standards. This ensures that packing keeps the contents safe until opened by the consumer.

Quality Assurance

Our quality testing lab uses top notch testing equipment to ensure that you get the best product always. The testing equipment is calibrated by the leading calibration labs at regular intervals to maintain the quality levels. The quality control staff randomly checks samples to maintain consistent quality of product.

The services that we provide are of world class quality. Be assured that what you get is what you are promised of.


Call Us : +91-98210 20582
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